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3-1-1 Minato-cho, Hakodate
Hokkaido 041-8611 JAPAN
Faculty of Fisheries Sciences
Hokkaido University
TEL: +81-138-40-8852
FAX: +81-138-40-8854
Message from Chairman
Chairman: Yoshinori Miyamoto

Once underwater acoustic technologies have been developed for the
effective fishing tools, now it has contributed to estimate fish resource
abundances as a scientific survey tools. Now the missions given to scientists
in fisheries acoustics is to recommend appropriate fishery production based
on the evaluation of fish resources using underwater acoustic technologies
for the sustainable fisheries which does not impacts to natural resources
and ocean environment.

    Recently, the number of researchers in Asia has been increased and the
technologies on underwater acoustics have been highly developed in Asian
countries. However, so far, the exchanging information and cooperative
works on fisheries acoustics over the countries still look like quite few. So
we have established the Asian Fisheries Acoustics Society (AFAS) based on
past activities in order to promote further progress of science and
technologies on Fisheries Acoustics in Asian countries.

    Ten years have passed since our society, but the importance of fishery
acoustics in Asian countries is increasing more and more. Since there are
many particular problems in Asian fisheries such like small quantities with
numerous species, benthic animals, freshwater fish, and aquaculture, the
AFAS aims to apply the acoustical technologies for those problems.
Furthermore, we aim to do basic education of underwater acoustics to
Asian countries and enlightenment of fishery acoustics.

Directors and Advisers (2020-2021)

(1)Honorary Chairman:
   Kohji IIDA, Hokkaido University, Japan

   Yoshinori MIYAMOTO, Tokyo University of Marine Science and
Techology, Japan

(3)Vice chairman:
   Rajabidin HASSAN: MFRDMD, SEAFDEC, Malaysia
   Tohru MUKAI: Hokkaido University, Japan, Japan

   Koki ABE: National Research Institute of Fisheries Engineering, Japan
   Tomonari AKAMATSU: National Research Institute of Fisheries
Engineering, Japan

   Doojin HWANG: Chonnam National University, Korea
   Ming An LEE: National Taiwan Ocean University, Taiwan
   Hsueh-Jung LU: National Taiwan Ocean University, Taiwan
   Kazushi MIYASHITA:Hokkaido University, Japan
   HyonOk SHIN:Pukyong National University, Korea
   Yasushi NISHIMORI: Furuno Electric Co. Ltd., Japan
   Kouichi SAWADA: National Research Institute of Fisheries Engineering,

   Tomohito IMAIZUMI: National Research Institute of FisheriesEngineering, Japan
   Kazuo AMAKASU: Tokyo University of Marine Science and Techology,Japan
   Yong TANG: Dalian Fisheries Uniersity, China
   Henry MANIK: Bogor Agricultural University,

   Masahiko FURUSAWA, Tokyo University of Marine Science and
Technology, Japan.

   Akira HAMANO: National Fisheries University, Japan

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